Saturday, August 18, 2012

Visit to Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore

Visit to Bannerghatta National Park on 16th August 2012.

How to reach:
Based on your location in Bangalore there are multiple options to reach the park via Bus/Auto/Taxi.
We took the BMTC Gold Day Pass @90/- to avoid purchase of tickets again and changed Volvo buses as per wish. Also having a phone equipped with Nokia Drive & Google maps helped in getting rest of the details..

Cost per adult is 210/- which includes visit to Zoo & Desert Safari

Desert Safari is something which makes it worth the visit only if you haven't seen something similar before. Zoo is not to great or well maintained though.
Overall I found the animals to be on weaker side maybe its just me or the season?.

For more details check the pictures & videos below.
Also found this blog very useful.

*Note: These pictures were clicked using a mobile camera and not with any any professional camera.


White Tiger Video's

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cleared VCP5 today

VMware vSphere in the Enterprise
VMware vSphere in the Enterprise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cleared my VCP 510 exam today. 344/500  ;-)

What really helped:
# Job - working/playing with same set of tools & software almost daily.
# VMware VCP Community forum
# VMware documentation in epub format along-with Sony ebook reader
# Access to books24X7 and safari-online portals
# Last but not least  Mastering VMware VSphere 5 by Scott Lowe 
(P.S: I haven't finished this book but I wish  to have started from this, things could have been so easy)

# Online mock exams (not braindumps)
# Other links that helped:
HTH in your preparation. #VCP5

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tax Refund SPAM

Today I received an email from Income Tax Department [] saying I am qualified for a refund of the sum of 34,120.05 INR which is your accumulated tax excesses. Submit a tax refund request and allow us to process it within 10(seven) working days.
I mean Fiscal year end is close (last quarter). I would expect email from government to pay tax and advance submit notification but updating me for refund is still way too much to expect ;-)

Anyways thanks to the
Google via feature. With Just one glance I knew its a SPAM. See the screen-shot below and beware of such emails.

1. Its coming via domain -- which probably allows SMTP open- relay and Spammer is abusing the service

2. See the link its pointing to some burling ton boy cafe [No No... i didn't clicked it]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bye Bye Orkut

Well, this was long due but Google Plus pushed me into action mode.

Yups, more social networks, more alerts & more time waste....

So RIP dear orkut. Now I am happy with just Google+ Plus though I am around on FB but will prefer Google Plus for any communication. You can connect with me G+ @

Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Unintentional Hack

Thinking What's This: 
- Me too, I was just trying to login into my account at but after 4-5 login failures and in next successive try I reached this page using my username & password :-)

- Hello Ganesh Kudale this is reliance helping in sharing free information of their customers without any effort or need (think of possibilities/attacks...?)
- But I logged into make payment but now would prefer to wait for few days, sure I don't want to end up paying some one else's Internet bill :-)

OMG It's not just one time fail, tried again and this time Sowmya Sridhar... Go Reliance... time to fix database mappings or what?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip to Lonavla & Khandala

Day Out with Friends - Mahendra, Deepa & their Junior: Ayush

It was a holiday for all of us on Wednesday [Bakri Id - 17 Nov 2010 ] & in an attempt to make the most of mid week holiday. We planned for a day trip to Lonavala & khandala. Though the weather didn't helped much but plan to travel in a car than bike, saved us from travel fatigue.

We first went to Karla Caves - its not much of a visual paradise on a hot day but good for one visit, not to mention we are continuously forgetting the cleanliness standards on tourist spots. Forget about protecting them...

Karla Caves
There was some ritual/significance of throwing coins in top container above the dome. So I tried & my success rate was 50% [2 out of 4] then i thought its better to save the coins :D

Then we moved ahead for Bhusi Dam which might be a good visit for rainy season but again its a dirty place. Somehow we walked up to the top & enjoyed our brunch {home made sandwiches}. Sat in water for a while where Ayush had most of the fun playing with water.

Bhusi Dam
Then we went to Rajmachi Point a garden in Khandala. It offers some great views of hills & express way... You can spend some time enjoying the height, visuals & express-way traffic only if you can handle monkeys dancing around for long........................

Mumbai-Pune Expressway
Then a shopkeeper suggested us about Pavana Dam (Lohagad). Frankly it was not in our places to visit list & I was almost thinking of coming back to pune but somehow we decied to give it a try....
Note: Pavana Lake is essentially an artificial lake brought into existence due to the Pavana Dam. A picturesque sight, the Pavana Lake, along with the Pavana Dam, is located around 14 kilometres away from Lonavla

I must say it made our day & whole trip memorable......

- Place is clean & provide exhilarating view of surrounding hills.
- Motor boat ride is fun - Small ride of around 3.5 Km (Motorboat speed:80-85 Km/hr).
- Watching Sunset at pavana dam in itself is an enriching experience (Check the pics below).

Total Travel ~{{Pune -- Lonavla -- Khandala -- Lonavla -- Lohagad -- Pune}} should be 200 KM approx.

If you are going to Lonavla then forget bhusi Dam..... Definitely check out or try ride to pavana dam. Know about any other good place around Lonavala then do share in comments.

Happy Weekends......

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Smartphone : Android World

Ever since i decided to move to Smartphone, its been a long wait but it started with: ANDROID. Any honest Smartphone should replace many devices like – mp3player, USB drive, GPS, camera etc (all in one package) & helps you to stay connected (Email/Twitter etc) << need of which is getting more & more these days [at least for me its not a want anymore... but has become a "need"], so the decision/choice has to be careful & measured. But that’s not where the story ends... this just marks the beginning of a big pain - One of choosing; which is not an easy part & means spending a lot of time re-searching, reading reviews/blogs to figure out what is good or bad, best available options & more importantly what's futuristic etc etc…..

TIP: Search should begin with Mobile OS then handset & ends with the connection/ provider selection for DATA plan in your region/area. So now you know the trick Mob OS > Handset > Provider << but i am not going to help you with that. I am here to share only my views about what i opted for & my experience with it. Feel free to share your experience/thoughts…..

So what are the Mobile OS options available in INDIA
  • Symbian – Lots of handset options/ Safe /tried & tested /N number of apps
  • iPhone OS – What handset options? / Pricey / Only touch screen (not my way)/ many apps
  • Google Android – Open Source /Limited handsets presently/thousands of free apps
  • Win Mobile 6/6.5 – Lets talk once Win Mob 7 is out
  • Blackberry – Mostly for business users /closed society/forum /doesn’t attract youth looking for more social apps & trendy handsets. ScrCap2010-05-01_171152
I decided to go with android which made choosing the handset easy >> Samsung SPICA since there aren't many options available here (India) presently & at the cost of 12.5K (around 300$) its a deal worth every penny just for the hardware >> 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen, 800Mhz CPU, 3.2 MP camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headphone jack, 1500 mAh battery & DIVX/XVID support, check full specs here

: It takes a little getting used to in knowing the Google way of mobile but once you figure out what & where, its not that hard. Soon you realize that few things are missing & that's where android market/apps come in to fill the gap. Not to mention that if you buy SPICA or any other mobile with Android 1.5/1.6 you will surely begin to miss Android Éclair 2.1 [i like higher numbers] for an enjoyable experience & get the best out of your mobile. Before i get into the good & bad let me share the apps i liked & believe to be must have’s
# Swype Keyboard                         # Net Counter
# Tweet Caster                             # My Tasks
# Root Explorer                             # Open Home
# Task Killer                                 # Opera Mobile
# Pure Grid Calendar                      # Contact2Sim
# Handcent SMS                           # Fring
# Battery Indicator
Yes, there are some issues with Android 1.5 (e.g:Bluetooth) & 1.6 is also not enough. Though Samsung has promised official 2.1 ROM for SPICA but the wait seems to be getting longer & longer which make many go this way. Ahhh, this post is not about the mobile rant so lets move back to android.

Since the ANDROID has arrived, things are different. Here’s why:
If your online life is mostly Google then there isn’t a better Smartphone/mobile OS which can provide seamless connectivity with Google services & apps.
Now, Apple iPhone is not the only one which can supply grooviest touch experience; with a bit of tweaking & some good apps android touch experience can be much more fun.
Multitasking with Android - it just gets better & easier-to-use in few days usage.
Transferring music and videos into the phone is as simple as drag and drop files. Though there is no syncing, no easy way to get your music library onto your phone but i guess there must be an app available or out soon. Not to mention Android Market has over 10,000 apps
Handset options - more & more are adding to the list plus every vendor is coming up with its custom interface & UI on top of android (world of open source). So more choices………..

The BAD:  Few things you need to take care of once you go for any ANDROID basScrCap2010-04-24_235241ed device/mobile.
× With great OS (Android) comes free apps & with free apps comes free ADS which use your data plan/packet data at their volition. (& That’s how Google managed to bestow ads to your mobile :-))
× OPT for a good DATA plan or the ads will show up in bill amount. Once you insert the SIM card, its like always connected.
× When installing any app check if the app is asking for the access to right stuff (controls/apps). e.g.: i never understood why a game need to access my contacts. Expect AV's & firewalls for android as must haves << very soon.
× Yes the OS holds a lot potential but it also provides a big platform for many to crack into your personal stuff with a single bad/free app. Some sort of security mechanism is needed so that it can become a device for everyone & not just the geeks. 

As i mentioned earlier i don’t like to use touch screen all day long for texting, tweeting & calling. So i bartered my phone with CodeBlog (brother) for Nokia E63 & we both are happy with the deal till now :-)

e63blackVerdict: I would love to go for android mobile/device again, once we have lots of android 2.1 based devices available in this part of the world (INDIA) with a good QWERTY attached to them. And the options have just recently started to come up e.g.: Motorola Milestone or i might go for something like ADAM (tablet by Notion-Ink, INDIA) which can do much more than shiny iPad, can replace many other devices & easily be your web/study companion. Well that’s all for now !!!! -- @sorabhk5

Quote of the Post:

People can have the Model T in any colour--so long as it's black. - Henry Ford