Monday, August 28, 2006

Hello World Blog..... Echo

For all I.T eXpertS and Geeks

This is mY First Blog....

Just a "Hello World" Blog to make my online DeiByuooo ....
I will try to share my thoughts and put up some useful info related from my expertise with some tid-bits and lessons learned

See you all back soon....

Till then

Happy Blogging!!!!


  1. thnaks this is gr8t

  2. Can anyone tell me to combine my 1mbps static ip connection with my 256kbps dsl connection (bsnl) to increase my bandwidth.

  3. this is a great work done by u man. i always try to put my best comments regarding technology--------------------yadvender

  4. i m very happy that u r sharing your knowledge to solve the problems of others.keep it up man.
    i hope you will also help me if i had any query to ask you.

  5. Hey annonymouse.. who want to use dsl and static connectons as 1 connectoin,,, use wingate for this purpose.. but chap its not an easy task to use wingate on windows based system,, but i'll help you ,, contact me at

  6. Sir Thanx for your help.


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