Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year Travel nAnD Gadgets

As this started from something to write desire, this post has stayed in drafts more than ever and today i am giving it a new status (read Posted)!!!!

This has already gone through many changes while i still feel,  it has nothing to do with title but endure with me and lets see how it goes........

So all my tickets are booked (can't reveal the dates, its a short and surprise trip) for 2009 new year trip from Pune >> Delhi >> Jalandhar and return via this same default route:-). Scary part left is spine-chilling, shivery and foggy weather in northern part of country which slims the visibility to almost zero during this season and what to do while i am traveling....?

Idea is to enjoy the cold weather and flaunt my winter collection which was rendered useless since i moved to Pune. And Carry my travel gadgets apart from mobiles to make traveling fun and learning experience.
Always wonder what could have been traveling without them....! Here comes mine Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, Sandisk Sansa Express MP3 player , they are almost like quondam with new Nokia N810 WiMax edition and some really cool sansa players in the market but what makes me wonder is how people enjoy their i-stuff and let them i-tune their music library.......?

I believe everyone looks for easy solution.. still these (ipod's) are such a big craze and considered the coolest gadget by our i-generation (i= Internet) but what they do if they just want to copy a song they like from their friend machine....? Do they Sync their play list again....? or carry an extra USB drive...? Heyyy, what about drag & drop... don't you guys miss that.....? Mine tiny mp3 player does that, support FM and record music. Ohhh, did i mention that it supports Micro-SD card slot for expansion too.

Wish i could explicate how good it to see the video on the wide screen of N800 with all the possible codec support and never ever to worry about the conversion. Connect via USB, simply drag DVD-rip's into N800 and enjoy the movie on the go; phenomenal..!! compared to what my friends have to do, for the same on their I-Pod's. I know its a never ending argument but here are my argues for going with N800
  • Wi-Fi, Blue tooth
  • Linux OS, Maemo community support      
  • Inbuilt speaker, FM Radio
  • Mozilla powered browser, tons of applications, gaming 
  • Touchscreen, wide screen and Canola takes its multimedia capabilities to all new degree.
With 2 SD-card slots each supporting up to 16GB, memory is never a concern. Never felt exhausted with 16GB space, all I have to do is think of the application i need :-)

Never played with Mac Book though and will love to do so but what daunts is... what if it turns out to be mere physical attraction then any geeky soul relation....?

I love my gadgets: notebook, mp3 player, N800 Internet Tablet (though i miss open Wi-Fi connections in India) for what they are and performs what i exactly paid for.... It's a Love relationship now!!!! Wait wait wait wait where all this is going....? I should be packing my stuff rather than making my love public :-). Time to copy the songs/movies friends... Catch u all soon and 

Wishing you all very HAPPY & Prosperous NEW YEAR ahead....!

>> Sorabh Kalra >>

Friday, December 12, 2008

Try Google SMS if you have friends in US

Desiring to get more out of your favouraite Gmail....  [First thing I do, when log-on to weired wide web]

So good news is now you can send sms to your friends and family in US from Chat now

- Log-in to Gmail [hoping you have already enabled Labs]
- Go to Settings >> Labs
- Scroll down a little and Enable the "Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat"
- Type the mobile number in chat window  >> Save contact  >> Send SMS

Feeling happy to bug my friends in States almost freely.... (Yeah.. some debaters still argue about the cost of computer, internet and stuff)

Wanting for the lab feature to send sms globally...(Small Global Village idea?)

>> Sorabh Kalra >>

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Chrome Direct Download Link

For all those who wish
- to install google chrome offline
- looking for direct download link 
and tired of update server not available (error:7)

Here is the link to get the complete setup of google chrome:

Note: Just keep changing the virtual directory folder to the latest release 
e.g: For Chrome its 154.29 and for Chrome it was 149.30
I guess you can figure out the latest release/build :-)

>> Sorabh Kalra >>

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Browser War

Since last two days I have been getting emails, alerts from everywhere that hey Google is coming with a browser "Chrome" and the whole blog world is so up to it.

So I decided to give it a try as Google always comes up with providing the same old stuff with so simplicity and power packed features that it win hearts and minds of all web users, to fell in love with.

I still remember the old days when they came up with Gmail (Google Email) and the first thought was like then what....?. And now everyone uses Gmail as the first choice for web based email. I have added all other email accounts into Gmail itself bcoz of its clean, easy interface with lots of free space....

While the present war between FireFox 3.0 and the latest IE 8 beta version released last week hyping its share of security and privacy mechanisms like InPrivate browsing mode, which essentially leaves a zero footprint of a user's browsing session.

Now, we have  all new strong contender Google Chrome and you may you just get addicted to it. But the present love affair with FireFox transition not gonna be so easy for me, add to that expectations are too high.

Time will tell the Winner.... but here is my list after the First Try of all new Chrome

- Open Source & Simple Interface
- Great web experience and fast performance with all Google tools e.g: calendar,documents, mail, maps, search etc.
- More & More Space for web pages (transparent status bar and no menus at all)
- Incognito window for private browsing
- Detailed memory view of each tab in the browser
- Crash inone tab don't effect other tabs.... Cool
- Options for Developer like Javascript Console, Debug Javascript
- Just 1 Click Install, no wizards at all. Ohh, the direct download link is here. Enjoy :-)

- Limited Configuration Options
- You may miss Firefox extensions

Now go ahead and give it a try
Yes, there's already a Wikipedia page!

For now, I am going to use it as a first option to use all Google Stuff online and enjoy the present love affair with FireFox for rest of surfing.

>> Sorabh Kalra >>