Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Browser War

Since last two days I have been getting emails, alerts from everywhere that hey Google is coming with a browser "Chrome" and the whole blog world is so up to it.

So I decided to give it a try as Google always comes up with providing the same old stuff with so simplicity and power packed features that it win hearts and minds of all web users, to fell in love with.

I still remember the old days when they came up with Gmail (Google Email) and the first thought was like then what....?. And now everyone uses Gmail as the first choice for web based email. I have added all other email accounts into Gmail itself bcoz of its clean, easy interface with lots of free space....

While the present war between FireFox 3.0 and the latest IE 8 beta version released last week hyping its share of security and privacy mechanisms like InPrivate browsing mode, which essentially leaves a zero footprint of a user's browsing session.

Now, we have  all new strong contender Google Chrome and you may you just get addicted to it. But the present love affair with FireFox transition not gonna be so easy for me, add to that expectations are too high.

Time will tell the Winner.... but here is my list after the First Try of all new Chrome

- Open Source & Simple Interface
- Great web experience and fast performance with all Google tools e.g: calendar,documents, mail, maps, search etc.
- More & More Space for web pages (transparent status bar and no menus at all)
- Incognito window for private browsing
- Detailed memory view of each tab in the browser
- Crash inone tab don't effect other tabs.... Cool
- Options for Developer like Javascript Console, Debug Javascript
- Just 1 Click Install, no wizards at all. Ohh, the direct download link is here. Enjoy :-)

- Limited Configuration Options
- You may miss Firefox extensions

Now go ahead and give it a try
Yes, there's already a Wikipedia page!

For now, I am going to use it as a first option to use all Google Stuff online and enjoy the present love affair with FireFox for rest of surfing.

>> Sorabh Kalra >>

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  1. saurbh sir, Your download link is
    not found.... ;)

    Bdw chrome have to combat atleast or next 4 years to be inthe actual market of browsers. at present its getting cons and cons. but its for sure that in near furure Google will will take over on major part of web services.



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