Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Growing with Technology & Internet Era

So its going to be like backward and forward journey of how Internet became part of my life (ok ours, since you are here) & how its the reason we are together here on this blog with or without even knowing each other or perhaps you searched for something that is hopefully not in this post :)
So lets go back quickly & let me write few tidbits i remember….


Ah, the long eager waiting for once (max twice) in a week “Computer Lab” class – rushing faster, unlacing shoes before entering lab (just 4-5 machines – read big bulky x86 computers) so that you can be the first in group to do some BASIC programs or work in WordStar.


Thank you Windows 95 or 98, now we have another reason to rush. 
If (study/assignment is done(0))
  Play GAMES       //Guess which?
else (teacher not around)
Play games                  
Then came the big IT boom, private computer training institute's sprung up like mushrooms & your regular college/school studies were just not enough. So joined the private training institute after getting parents approval as this will be the best thing to happen in my life & started 1 year course (Windows, Office, Foxpro, Database.. & then C, C++, VB, & HTML etc). Yes, this helped & assured that computer is not just gaming (entertainment) device or a subject to score easy marks but it can help if used correctly.

Post- Y2K (Graduation) 

Somehow the fascination turned into dreams >> career choice & admission to Bachelor of Computer Applications. Mostly dominated by Pentium Era, got my first desktop Pentium III (around 60-70K or 1700-1800$) & from there things started changing. That's when the love grew deeper – more games, more movies, music & yeah also studies when the assignments have to be finished (aka deadline) but more & more connectivity came (dial-up modems - beep beep :D)then having just a computer didn't looked enough. Networks & i want to know all about networks was the beginning all credits to Computer Networks by Andrew S Tenanbaum. Since then its been a continuous chase more updates on my Study Blog (No tech stuff here)

Change/Shift in Technical & Hardware Terms 

Processor: 386 486 Pentium I/II/III/IV Dual Core, Core2 Duo, Quad Core, Extreme i7 ...
RAM: 128 Mb, 256 Mb , 512 Mb, 1 Gb…… & know even more than 8Gb <-- my first HDD was about this size.

But now i believe there is another shift happening where device will be getting smaller, smarter & will be ready to connect you with the world wide web without much fuzz..
Why? >> Chrome OS, Nokia N900, Netbooks, Smartphone's (Iphone), still need more reasons wait for some time then……

Some of the Websites (small list) that changed the way we live and have taken us from Computer era to Internet era & made internet the soul of computer. (yeah just having computer/notebook without Internet is like having a vehicle without fuel)

- Email (Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail etc)
- Social networks (Orkut, Facebook, Twitter etc)
- Videos (YouTube, TED etc)
- Online Shopping (Amazon, Ebay etc)
- & if you live in  India you just can’t miss -->  (forgot those long queues to book a train ticket, what a Relief!!)
- Online Learning Forums & communities  esp. if you are a networking enthusiast like me then don't forget – CLN (Cisco Learning Network)
Last but not least one who binds all together & keep all the information just a click away >> GOOGLE  [wasn’t paid for it :)]

Internet connectivity have made life so different that's it hard to imagine how life could have been without it & the learning's that are possible today could have ever been possible. So, can we stop this flood of information or knowledge of such tightly networked community. Lets go to sleep & start dreaming or enjoy the random information shared below……

Video Watch

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Random Article
New threat >> Subcutaneous Implants :D Professor Kevin Warwick from Reading University in the UK is known for his experiments in this area. "My body was effectively extended over the Internet," Warwick says.
It's a far cry from his vision of transforming humanity into a race of half-machine cyborgs able to commune with the digital world—there is no spoon, Neo—but such an evolution is necessary, says 54-year-old Warwick.

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Whatever you think believe or say we are better connected today without any discrimination for caste, color, creed, age & country. All connected via a Virtual Global Village !!!!
- More you know, lesser it seems – << sorabhk5 >>

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why so Twittery…..

So how I am filling the void(life) created on blog is…. by joining #
Twitter.  Twitter kept me aware of happing around the world [many i didn't even knew before] & connected me with some really wesome people/minds of my interest which any other social network failed to do [at least for me]. Since then life has been different….

Please stop reading if you are looking for “What is Twitter”, “What to do on twitter” , “Whom to follow on twitter”..….  you can find thousands of posts for the same on the net.

Still around, ok read this if you want to be sure
why you should be on twitter. But this quick post is all about what i do, like and my rules on twitter.

How I use Twitter:
  Use it for connecting with friends and people having common interests (study, domain expertise, city etc). 
  Only tweet about my learning's or what i think can be useful or will make sense to
my followers.
  Don’t expect a reply from me if you follow me & send a message saying i am following you,
please follow me.
  Chances are if you have started to tweet more than 20 tweets in a day i will un-follow you.
  I know there are many gr8 people out there on twitter but simply cant follow all of you or else i will be just following not caring about what you tweet. (Don't want my following number to
shoot  up/down like Stock prices)  
  Keep following and un-following people based on what they tweet is of any interest to me or not.

  No tweets related to my work and company. 
  Ok #Finish. You can direct any comments to @sorabhk5 also. 

Interesting Links : (v Delicious) 
PIX/ASA 7.x: Pre-shared Key Recovery - Cisco Systems
Flood the MAC address table of a Switch
Podcasts for Security Professionals
milw0rm - exploits : vulnerabilities : videos : papers : shellcode

- Happy Tweeting!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What happened to SNRS?

Since April’09 post & till now, my progress on SNRS is about 10% (Damn… all schedule went for TOSS). OK i am not goanna waste time now, speaking about what happened & why i didn't got time to study but somehow LIFE lined up new set of responsibilities on the way & priorities changed.

But learning is a never ending journey, last 3-4 months have been full of them except on the CCSP track, but i am back again !!!!

I don't know many but if you are also studying for SNRS & were waiting for my next post. Checkout my new CCSP study blog @ …..
Inspiration: Gaurav Kalra (little bro) who started 
So henceforth all CCSP related posts will go there & i will continue to blog about rest of the stuff here!!

And hey i started using Windows Live Writer (Microsoft desktop client) for blogging, & loving it…. So many plug-in are available, which make blogging fun & easy. Now I can forget about all the html worries & trouble when inserting a picture, table, video or some config’s/code samples. Thanks Microsoft & its free :)

Scr-shot001 2009-08-08, 16_37_24
Quote of the day:
My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what's really going on to be scared. - P. J. Plauger

See you around…..

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Route to CCSP-SNRS [642-504]

SNRS – Securing network with (CISCO) routers and switches is one of the required exams towards CCSP certification along with 3 others. (3 required + 1 elective)

Its goanna be my first exam towards CCSP series again :-) since having SND certification (which was one of the exam of CCSP track earlier) is now pre-requisite for CCSP [[CCNA + SND or CCNA Security]]

It largely covers

  • Layer 2 attacks
  • IOS Firewall/IPS
  • Trust and Identity – AAA, ACS, IBNS
  • Cisco Network Foundation Protection using CLI
  • Secured Connectivity – IPSec, VPN

Having gone through few of the topics in SND is surely going to help but now the game is for next level so more details and in depth with more hands-on/labs/practical. SND was more or less theory based exam but hoping SNRS asks for lots of lab (ing) & Sim’s in the exam to make it interesting.

What to Study/Resources available

Where to practice and tools available

Which forums can be helpful?

            Cisco Study Network
            Networking-forum etc

Preparation Strategy [2H2D/w]

2H2D/w --> 2 hours daily (weekdays) & 2 days (weekend) per week. Simple & works for me :)

Everyone should plan or decide the strategy according to your personal, work commitments and target to be achieved. There is no single remedy that can outfit everyone

Check out these links to plan/decide your schedule or strategy

Ethereal Mind
Route My World

I am hoping to finish all the study/practice within 3 months then schedule the exam with a gap of 2 or 3 weeks at nearest VUE centre (works online thx @PearsonVUE). During that time just do practice & practice e.g: quiz, flash cards, CISCO online FAQ’s, Documentation, online practice tests etc

Resources for CCSP esp. on SNRS look like scare on the www, I will try to post my learning’s and experience for others going on same road.

Be SAFE :)

>> Sorabh Kalra >>

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend trip to Matheran, Alibag & Murud

After lot of differing opinions about where to go & how to go; we finally nailed down to spend the weekend in matheran on Friday eleventh hour (it should be 12 though ;-)).

We hired the taxi and planned to start early in the morning but started around 10.30 on Saturday morning due to some superfluous reasons.We reached matheran (Marathi meaning "“Woodlands Overhead”) around 2 PM. It's a vehicle free hill station where only toy train, horses and rickshaw/cart pullers for kids/oldies, the ancient modes of transportation are available. Hey, but what about horse shitty pollution?. Entry ticket for an adult is Rs 25 and a brief map on reverse of the ticket mentions the points to visit but don't worry there are enough directions and people to guide you on the way too. From main gate (after parking) you have to walk almost 3 Km's to reach the main bazaar. 

We followed the rail track to reach the main bazaar and had lunch in Diwadkar hotel. Its thickly covered has greenery all around, u just cant stop yourself from figuring its beauty on tail-end of monsoons. There are around 36 points to cover but we covered only 3  --> echo, Charlotte Lake and Lord point.

Echo point -- as the name suggests where multiple voice

printf's are working together. We tried shouting paraoh.... & got a pretty good response but no sound from chanda though. ;-). You can also try some mini/faux games here like bowling, shooting etc and get rewarded.

Then we moved for charlotte lake and a random thought of making a horror/thriller movie in this thick green hilly forest station came across my mind but forget about it....! Everyone was tired by now and saving their reserve energy for return walk towards the car but 3 of us made it to the Lord point and then moved back. Matheran definitely asks for a second visit after the end of rainy season to enjoy its scenic natural beauty.

{{Shoe alert: Try any color shoes they gonna turn red after a brisk walk in matheran soil}}

We started for Alibag (max 100 km's from matheran) around 7.30 PM and reached alibag by mid-night (read 11.45 PM courtesy: approx 7 Km long traffic jam due to crane failure on bridge) when high tides were hitting the shore and intellections - where's all the fun of the beach? Multiple thoughts about lets move towards mahabaleshwar and panchgani came across but finally we reached on the consensus to find a hotel, rest till morning and enjoy alibag before moving ahead. It was worth it for mind, body and alibag beach suddenly showing the walking path towards the fort which looked like a distant dream last night.


We had a great fun playing beach cricket, sitting by the shore, some adventurous stuff by debankur, atul and amit of walking barefoot on hot & edgy stones to reach fort and before we can think of anything it was 3.30 PM and we were tired, dirty, hungry and also wanted to make it to Janjira Fort (50 km's from alibag). On the way you cross kashid beach, murud beach and then janjira fort.... they all are worth watching for, you can simply spend time watching sunrise/sunsets on any beach.  (as Atul rightly said --> you turn into philosopher sitting by sea shore &........)

As Janjira fort closes by 5.30, we decided to experience the sunset on murud beach where we enjoyed a tanga ride (cart pulled by a horse) and made some artistic sand drawings before starting the return journey for PUNE.

{{ Home sweet home -- stands so true, after a sandy,sweaty but refereshing journey}}

{{Trip Route: Pune --> Mumbai Express Highway --> Turn from Khopoli toll plaza --> Matheran --> Panvel --> Alibagh --> Murud --> Janjira --> Murud --> Alibagh --> Khopali --> Pune (Total 510 km's including pune local transfer)}}

>> Sorabh Kalra >>