Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend trip to Matheran, Alibag & Murud

After lot of differing opinions about where to go & how to go; we finally nailed down to spend the weekend in matheran on Friday eleventh hour (it should be 12 though ;-)).

We hired the taxi and planned to start early in the morning but started around 10.30 on Saturday morning due to some superfluous reasons.We reached matheran (Marathi meaning "“Woodlands Overhead”) around 2 PM. It's a vehicle free hill station where only toy train, horses and rickshaw/cart pullers for kids/oldies, the ancient modes of transportation are available. Hey, but what about horse shitty pollution?. Entry ticket for an adult is Rs 25 and a brief map on reverse of the ticket mentions the points to visit but don't worry there are enough directions and people to guide you on the way too. From main gate (after parking) you have to walk almost 3 Km's to reach the main bazaar. 

We followed the rail track to reach the main bazaar and had lunch in Diwadkar hotel. Its thickly covered has greenery all around, u just cant stop yourself from figuring its beauty on tail-end of monsoons. There are around 36 points to cover but we covered only 3  --> echo, Charlotte Lake and Lord point.

Echo point -- as the name suggests where multiple voice

printf's are working together. We tried shouting paraoh.... & got a pretty good response but no sound from chanda though. ;-). You can also try some mini/faux games here like bowling, shooting etc and get rewarded.

Then we moved for charlotte lake and a random thought of making a horror/thriller movie in this thick green hilly forest station came across my mind but forget about it....! Everyone was tired by now and saving their reserve energy for return walk towards the car but 3 of us made it to the Lord point and then moved back. Matheran definitely asks for a second visit after the end of rainy season to enjoy its scenic natural beauty.

{{Shoe alert: Try any color shoes they gonna turn red after a brisk walk in matheran soil}}

We started for Alibag (max 100 km's from matheran) around 7.30 PM and reached alibag by mid-night (read 11.45 PM courtesy: approx 7 Km long traffic jam due to crane failure on bridge) when high tides were hitting the shore and intellections - where's all the fun of the beach? Multiple thoughts about lets move towards mahabaleshwar and panchgani came across but finally we reached on the consensus to find a hotel, rest till morning and enjoy alibag before moving ahead. It was worth it for mind, body and alibag beach suddenly showing the walking path towards the fort which looked like a distant dream last night.


We had a great fun playing beach cricket, sitting by the shore, some adventurous stuff by debankur, atul and amit of walking barefoot on hot & edgy stones to reach fort and before we can think of anything it was 3.30 PM and we were tired, dirty, hungry and also wanted to make it to Janjira Fort (50 km's from alibag). On the way you cross kashid beach, murud beach and then janjira fort.... they all are worth watching for, you can simply spend time watching sunrise/sunsets on any beach.  (as Atul rightly said --> you turn into philosopher sitting by sea shore &........)

As Janjira fort closes by 5.30, we decided to experience the sunset on murud beach where we enjoyed a tanga ride (cart pulled by a horse) and made some artistic sand drawings before starting the return journey for PUNE.

{{ Home sweet home -- stands so true, after a sandy,sweaty but refereshing journey}}

{{Trip Route: Pune --> Mumbai Express Highway --> Turn from Khopoli toll plaza --> Matheran --> Panvel --> Alibagh --> Murud --> Janjira --> Murud --> Alibagh --> Khopali --> Pune (Total 510 km's including pune local transfer)}}

>> Sorabh Kalra >>

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