Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why so Twittery…..

So how I am filling the void(life) created on blog is…. by joining #
Twitter.  Twitter kept me aware of happing around the world [many i didn't even knew before] & connected me with some really wesome people/minds of my interest which any other social network failed to do [at least for me]. Since then life has been different….

Please stop reading if you are looking for “What is Twitter”, “What to do on twitter” , “Whom to follow on twitter”..….  you can find thousands of posts for the same on the net.

Still around, ok read this if you want to be sure
why you should be on twitter. But this quick post is all about what i do, like and my rules on twitter.

How I use Twitter:
  Use it for connecting with friends and people having common interests (study, domain expertise, city etc). 
  Only tweet about my learning's or what i think can be useful or will make sense to
my followers.
  Don’t expect a reply from me if you follow me & send a message saying i am following you,
please follow me.
  Chances are if you have started to tweet more than 20 tweets in a day i will un-follow you.
  I know there are many gr8 people out there on twitter but simply cant follow all of you or else i will be just following not caring about what you tweet. (Don't want my following number to
shoot  up/down like Stock prices)  
  Keep following and un-following people based on what they tweet is of any interest to me or not.

  No tweets related to my work and company. 
  Ok #Finish. You can direct any comments to @sorabhk5 also. 

Interesting Links : (v Delicious) 
PIX/ASA 7.x: Pre-shared Key Recovery - Cisco Systems
Flood the MAC address table of a Switch
Podcasts for Security Professionals
milw0rm - exploits : vulnerabilities : videos : papers : shellcode

- Happy Tweeting!!!!

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