Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip to Lonavla & Khandala

Day Out with Friends - Mahendra, Deepa & their Junior: Ayush

It was a holiday for all of us on Wednesday [Bakri Id - 17 Nov 2010 ] & in an attempt to make the most of mid week holiday. We planned for a day trip to Lonavala & khandala. Though the weather didn't helped much but plan to travel in a car than bike, saved us from travel fatigue.

We first went to Karla Caves - its not much of a visual paradise on a hot day but good for one visit, not to mention we are continuously forgetting the cleanliness standards on tourist spots. Forget about protecting them...

Karla Caves
There was some ritual/significance of throwing coins in top container above the dome. So I tried & my success rate was 50% [2 out of 4] then i thought its better to save the coins :D

Then we moved ahead for Bhusi Dam which might be a good visit for rainy season but again its a dirty place. Somehow we walked up to the top & enjoyed our brunch {home made sandwiches}. Sat in water for a while where Ayush had most of the fun playing with water.

Bhusi Dam
Then we went to Rajmachi Point a garden in Khandala. It offers some great views of hills & express way... You can spend some time enjoying the height, visuals & express-way traffic only if you can handle monkeys dancing around for long........................

Mumbai-Pune Expressway
Then a shopkeeper suggested us about Pavana Dam (Lohagad). Frankly it was not in our places to visit list & I was almost thinking of coming back to pune but somehow we decied to give it a try....
Note: Pavana Lake is essentially an artificial lake brought into existence due to the Pavana Dam. A picturesque sight, the Pavana Lake, along with the Pavana Dam, is located around 14 kilometres away from Lonavla

I must say it made our day & whole trip memorable......

- Place is clean & provide exhilarating view of surrounding hills.
- Motor boat ride is fun - Small ride of around 3.5 Km (Motorboat speed:80-85 Km/hr).
- Watching Sunset at pavana dam in itself is an enriching experience (Check the pics below).

Total Travel ~{{Pune -- Lonavla -- Khandala -- Lonavla -- Lohagad -- Pune}} should be 200 KM approx.

If you are going to Lonavla then forget bhusi Dam..... Definitely check out or try ride to pavana dam. Know about any other good place around Lonavala then do share in comments.

Happy Weekends......

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