Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tax Refund SPAM

Today I received an email from Income Tax Department [] saying I am qualified for a refund of the sum of 34,120.05 INR which is your accumulated tax excesses. Submit a tax refund request and allow us to process it within 10(seven) working days.
I mean Fiscal year end is close (last quarter). I would expect email from government to pay tax and advance submit notification but updating me for refund is still way too much to expect ;-)

Anyways thanks to the
Google via feature. With Just one glance I knew its a SPAM. See the screen-shot below and beware of such emails.

1. Its coming via domain -- which probably allows SMTP open- relay and Spammer is abusing the service

2. See the link its pointing to some burling ton boy cafe [No No... i didn't clicked it]


  1. Just to alert fellow users...
    The email, I received is from similar ID:-



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