Monday, June 18, 2012

Cleared VCP5 today

VMware vSphere in the Enterprise
VMware vSphere in the Enterprise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cleared my VCP 510 exam today. 344/500  ;-)

What really helped:
# Job - working/playing with same set of tools & software almost daily.
# VMware VCP Community forum
# VMware documentation in epub format along-with Sony ebook reader
# Access to books24X7 and safari-online portals
# Last but not least  Mastering VMware VSphere 5 by Scott Lowe 
(P.S: I haven't finished this book but I wish  to have started from this, things could have been so easy)

# Online mock exams (not braindumps)
# Other links that helped:
HTH in your preparation. #VCP5


  1. Congrats for the pass!
    And also thanks for the mention.

    1. Thanks Andrew for sharing & putting together awesome resources for VCP exam.


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